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the five-year engagement

  • Tom's Mom:

    You're being dumb. You're being so fucking dumb, you idiot. You love Violet, I love Violet, your father loves Violet and you're letting her go? Fuck you, you dummy. It's not funny, Tom. What are you doing?

  • Tom:

    Look we're not 100% right for each other, so there's nothing to be said.

  • Tom's Mom:

    I've got news for you, moron: your father and I? We're not even 90 percent right for each other, not even 60, ok but he's the love of my life and right now the love of your life is gonna fly away and I bet somewhere in the back of your mind you're thinking that she'll always be there if you wanna try again. But you know what? She won't because she's the goddamn best and some lucky guy is gonna make it work with her, no matter what, instead of settling for some air-head who probably doesn't know who the fucking Beatles are.

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